A Breakthrough in the Non-Invasive Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy
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  • Vaginal itchiness & burning
  • Dryness & loss of lubrication
  • Incontinence & urinary urgency
  • Prolapse and laxity
  • Vaginal and vulval pain
  • Painful sexual intercourse

What is Vaginal Atrophy?

From the time menopause approaches a loss of oestrogenic hormones can cause changes in the structure and function of the vagina.

The walls of the vagina lose collagen, become thinner and the natural elasticity and blood supply is reduced.  The protective mucosa of the vagina can lose hydration and thickness, causing a loss of lubrication and changes in the natural balance of the internal environment.

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Existing Treatment Options

Currently the most common treatment of vaginal atrophy requires an ongoing application of hormone replacement creams directly into the vagina.  

For a variety of reasons, some women are not able to use these creams, become uncomfortable with this process or are irregular with the application and eventually discontinue use.

Without an effective solution these women are forced to alter their lifestyle to cope with the symptoms.

Stimulating Natural Regeneration with Laser.

A light-based solution to help you feel like you again.

In the past, laser procedures for gynaecology were largely reserved for invasive surgical procedures.  The MonaLisa Touch treatment has transformed the application of this technology to create a procedure that is minimally invasive and suitable for most women.

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How MonaLisa Touch Works to Restore Function and Balance.

The MonaLisa Touch treatment is a fast and effective treatment that uses hundreds of tiny pillars of laser energy to stimulate the natural regeneration of the vaginal tissue.

In as little as 30 days after treatment the regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal walls builds a naturally stronger structure and the protective mucosa recovers volume, hydration and elasticity - all without the side-effects of traditional treatments.

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